GETRAG, a German auto transmissions manufacturer and its joint venture partner FORD, have selected Castro del Rio as the ideal site to set their operations up.

Mr. Norbert Buechelmaier, GETRAG’s Executive Vice President of Manufacturing, says about Irapuato’s labor environment: “We expected labor rates to increase over the next five years, but the turnover and absenteeism rates are very favorable. Basically, we considered the area to be quite stable as a union situation”.


Schaeffler Group is another automotive industry supplier that has built a new facility in Castro del Rio, and representatives from the company pointed to “the availability of suitable property to build the factory, a pool of qualified workers, strong infrastructure and access to public transportation as factors in the site decision.


Source: Site Selection Magazine, January 2009.

SRG Global
Fabricantes Plástico Automotriz
Origen: EUA

“SRG Global seleccionó Irapuato por su clima proactivo de negocio, su ubicación central, y su proximidad con la cartera global de clientes en México. Otro factor importante es la existencia de mano de obra calificada que Irapuato ofrece.”

Kevin Baird,
Presidente y CEO de SRG Global


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